Thursday, June 06, 2013

Of Course he hired a liar --
you expected maybe an
honest person?

How long do you think an honest person
would last in this, and I use the term
loosely, "administration."

The first casualty was truth, and that is
years behind us.

The "paid liar" nomemclature begins at the
top, extends to the staffs, the wives, the
boyfriends, the kid with the fake tortise-shell
glasses, tzo tzhe tzars, their boyfriends, and
the entire bunch.

My question is to the American people, did you
actually expect him to step completely out of
character and choose someone with the best
interests of this nation at heart?

If you still think that is possible with these people
and this governmental entity, there are some
rivers in Kenya needing bridges. 

Might be a good investment.

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