Sunday, June 02, 2013

NY Times: Much of White House Wants Holder to Resign

From the New York Times:
But that does not mitigate the frustration of some presidential aides. “The White House is apoplectic about him, and has been for a long time,” said a Democratic former government official who did not want to be identified while talking about friends.

Some advisers to Mr. Obama believe that Mr. Holder does not manage or foresee problems, the former official said. “How hard would it be to anticipate that The A.P. would be unhappy?” the former official said. “And then they haven’t defended their position.”

Denis McDonough, the White House chief of staff, said through a spokesman Saturday that Mr. Holder “has the intellect, experience and integrity to efficiently run the Department of Justice and not get distracted by the partisans who seem more interested in launching political attacks than cooperating with him to protect the security and constitutional rights of the American people.”

Mr. Holder declined through a spokeswoman to be interviewed for this article.

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