Friday, June 14, 2013

No Fly Zone in Syria is Needed


The Obama administration has announced plans to aid the rebels in their fight to oust Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad after two years of sitting on the sidelines and procrastinating over "red lines" and such as thousands of civilians have died and millions more have been displaced.

The decision comes after dire warnings from the United Nations and security analysts that if something is not done quickly, we will witness another Qusair in Aleppo, and likely the complete destruction of rebel forces - due to Assad's aggressive offensive led by fresh Hezbollah terrorists from neighboring Lebanon - and all will be lost.

There is still no information on what kind of aid we will send to the rebels, although it will likely include arms and desperately needed supplies, but one form of military assistance that could be deployed to give rebels a fighting chance is the "no fly zone," which would essentially be a blanket destruction of the Assad air force.

Its a tactic supported by Senator John McCain, one of the strongest proponents of Syrian intervention, that was pivotal in the NATO operation in Libya two years ago that turned the tide of that nation's uprising from facing certain massacre in Benghazi to executing Muammar Gaddafi several months later. A situation we are oddly confronting again.

Assad, like Gaddafi, has his main opposition cornered in a pivotal city that if lost would represent almost certain victory for his brutal regime, but also unfortunately for Assad - western governments are gearing up for intervention, once again, at the most important moment of the conflict - setting the stage for de ja vu all over again if the right strategy is adopted.

Heavy weapons will help the rebel forces match their Lebanese terrorists and Syrian military counterparts, but establishing a no fly zone would take Assad's air force out of the fight and allow our pilots to target and neutralize enemy fighters on the ground below.

What say you?


  1. This is exactly what the Syrian freedom fighters need to fight against the cruelty and perfidy of the Iranian Governor General of Syria, Bashar Al Assad. God bless Barack Obama for finally gaining the inner courage to fight against the Iranian and Hezbollah occupation of Syria.

  2. Good dcision... syrian pepople have already waited this in very long time...