Monday, June 03, 2013

Israeli Soldiers Pose in Underwear

The Israeli Defense Force is not amused by several pictures surfacing of several young recruits posing in their underwear, or in some cases, less and the images ending up on social media and newspapers worldwide.

My first question is how were these young women, who were undergoing Infantry training, able to even have access to photo capability technology and upload these pictures? My second is why didn't this happen at my infantry training...

While their conduct is unbecoming, I think the IDF's issue is not that their recruits engage in these activities (lets face it, Israel conscripts almost every 18 year old man and woman into the service, so the odds of getting a few risque apples is high), but that they obviously do not have strict enough procedures to prevent them, such as simply confiscating phones as the United States does during training.

What say you?


  1. The IDF Training is much different than America. They are not forced to disconnect from the outside world like at American Boot Camps. They are allowed to go home every 2 or 3 weeks during Boot Camp as opposed to never in the American Military. Because the service is mandatory they won't enforce the same level of disconnection from the family and outside world as in other Western Militarizes

  2. Do you search, find, collect Valor Alexander comments about women personels and women officiel militers or brigade fighters by relations of enviromental, historical fonctions, suitance facters from last years and press them by principal comments of most headmaster authores at international magazines in one season?
    Deger Iskender (Valor Alexander)