Thursday, June 06, 2013

House Armed Services Committee Votes to Eliminate Service Camo Uniforms

The House Armed Services Committee, in an effort spearheaded by Lt. Colonel and Illinois Representative Tammy Duckworth, voted Wednesday afternoon to eliminate separate service camo-uniforms and directed the Pentagon to create a one camo-uniform fits all branches design by 2018.

Duckworth's proposal, which passed 32-30 with Democrats primarily supportive and Republicans opposed, came just weeks after the U.S. Army decided to ditch their current ACU digital camo design after failing field tests and initially jumping the gun on which pattern to use during their last uniform revamp.

I respect the Congresswoman's proposal, which would eliminate these needless uniform revamps and service competition (not to mention eliminating the Air Force and Navy patterns, I do so pray), but as one opponent said of the legislation "This is really a morale issue, for our men and women in uniform," which I cannot argue too much with.

Every branch has its own creed and culture and different uniforms help to spur that unique feeling that every member of our armed forces feels, whether Army, Navy, Marine or Air Force. But is that really enough for congressional efforts to be shelved and the issue directed to the congressional trash bins of history?

I honestly haven't thought of the issue that much, but it's definitely something worth considering in the future, especially as the Pentagon plans to reduce our on the ground combat presence and transition towards more special operators and predator drone strikes, which will blur the services as their roles work together more than ever before.

What say you?

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  1. Prior to the 2000s every branch wore the same uniform. Since then DOD has spent millions on uniform development and design. Then every time a pattern is changed new gear is required. Assault pack, ruck sacks body armor, ect. You are talking close to 3,000 in gear per armed forces member. I will happily put on a joint camo, as long as I get to put my Red, White and Blue on my shoulder I could care less what it looks like