Friday, June 07, 2013

Canada Job Growth 500% Higher Than U.S. in May

While the administration and media are trying their best to declare May's mediocre job report a success, there is word up north that conservative principles at work can create jobs. This month, the United States created 175,000 jobs and its unemployment rate increased to 7.6%. While the initial number may seem at least somewhat impressive, it really only keeps up with natural population growth.

Meanwhile, on the other side of our northern border, Stephen Harper's Conservative government is providing results lacking in the states.

Canada has just over 10% of the population of the United States and economists were predicting a mild 15,000 jobs created last month.

Instead, the Great White North saw 95,000 jobs created, or over half of those created in the United States. Extrapolated for total population, this is about five times the job creation of the United States.

The Canadian unemployment rate fell to 7.1% and the Canadian Dollar surged upward.

Hope and Change is well and alive, just outside of NSA snooping.


  1. Socialist country.. their money isn't tied up in medical expenses.

    1. Stephen Harper raised the deficit to 36 billion dollars.. the highest in Canadian history.

    2. And the liberal-leftist opposition and MSM wanted even more stimulus spending so that's hardly a stick with which to beat Harper.

  2. Obama's similarly unprecedented deficit-raising doesn't seem to be bearing the same fruit. And 36 Billion dollars is laughably tiny.

    Also nice to know that socialized medicine is 'free.'

  3. And the way Canada counts unemployment is more like how the U.S. counts the U6 numbers so the disparity is even greater. BTW, until Obama I had never known Canadian numbers to be below U.S. numbers in my lifetime.

    You're wrong about the dollar however. Early in Obama's administration the loonie was about ¢5 higher than the greenback; that fell to around/just above par in the middle years; but for the past year or so the loonie has dropped to a few cents underpar with the greenback.

    The Aussie dollar that like Canada's used to be alot less than the greenback back in the Bush years has followed a similar path.

  4. Harper is a very "squishy", small "c" conservative.

    Yes, he's spent too much since Wall Street fiscal crisis in 2007, but I would be hard pressed to believe that Iggy or Layton would have spent less.

    Both the NDP and Liberals pushed for "stimulus spending" at the same time the US,and most western economies, were doing it. Both wanted much higher levels of deficit spending from the ones actually passed into law by Harper's government.

    Awfully hard to resist falling into step with the crowd, here is November 2008,

    and golly, here's January of 2009,

    Amazing what can happen over the Christmas break from Parliament.