Saturday, June 08, 2013

Assad Helicopters Strike Bekaa Lebanon Region

Bekaa, a north-eastern Sunni majority region, was targeted by six helicopter rockets fired by the al-Assad regime in neighboring war torn Syria late Saturday evening local time. This was the second such attack this week on the pivotal farming valley, which is used by rebel friendly forces to smuggle weapons to the ragtag group.

The attack highlights the harsh reality of residing in Lebanon's border regions: if you're Shiite and aid the al-Assad regime, you might be targeted by rebel forces and vice-versa for Sunni's who aid the opposition. The war has spread across the border, and no one is safe from its wrath of destruction.

Just last month three Lebanese soldiers were killed by a Syrian assault on a military checkpoint in Wadi Hmeid and dozens of rockets have fallen since then on Bekaa, attacks that are more politically motivated after the Lebanese terrorist organization, Hezbollah, sent thousands of fighters to aid the Assad regime in Qusair the past two weeks.

Not only are Lebanese Shiites and Sunnis fighting against one another in Syria, but they are targeting their fellow Lebanese back home and threatening to embroil the nation back into conflict after just moving past their almost two-decade long civil war in the early nineties. The Syrian civil war is an all consuming cluster fuck that destroys everyone, everything and everywhere it touches.

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