Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Freight Trains Collide in Missouri, Causing Highway Overpass to Collapse: Only Minor Injuries

For the second time this week two trains have collided on a busy railroad intersection, and unbelievably, only injuries have been reported in both cases by authorities. The first crash was a commuter train in Connecticut, while the second crash, just this morning in Missouri, were two full-cargo freight-liners.

But the fact no one died in this morning's crash in Scott County, Missouri is an outright miracle by any sane person's definition: not only did the crash cause diesel fuel to leak and catch fire immediately after the crash, but the crash was a typical t-bone accident and the train that was struck jettisoned the tracks and slammed into a nearby highway overpass - causing it to collapse with cars driving on it at the same time.

Not sure what would be scarier... Seeing a train slam into the overpass I'm driving on or collapsing in my car with the overpass
Thankfully, it was pre-dawn and traffic was minimal on the Highway M overpass, but somehow all seven injuries - including the two conductors and five people who were driving on the overpass - were minimal, listed in fair condition by their local hospital and non life threatening.

Trains colliding usually means someone is going to be hurt, but two trains colliding in the same week - one transporting hundreds of commuters and the other wiping out an active highway overpass - and only non-fatal injuries occur is a miracle to best miracles.

What say you?

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