Wednesday, May 01, 2013

'The Chris Matthews Show' Cancelled

Oh darn. What am I ever going to do with my life now? From
The Philly-raised journalist's long-term contract with the cable TV channel keeps Matthews on board at least through the next presidential election, writes The Hollywood Reporter. The Chris Matthews Show, a half-hour syndicated show produced from NBC's DC bureau since 2002, however, will see its final air date on July 21.

In his full statement, shared by TVNewser Tuesday afternoon, Matthews extols Nancy Nathan, executive producer of the outgoing Chris Matthews Show, for her work on the program: "For more than a decade, she and her team have allowed me to offer great Sunday morning television. I have been proud of every program and the chance to interview some of the best journalists in this country, and, yes, to have them 'tell me something I don’t know.' "

Matthews adds, "Henceforth, I intend to concentrate any time left over from “Hardball” on writing books like the one I’m committed to now on the relationship between Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan, that and producing documentaries on history and politics."

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