Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Brave New World of Having Babies – Woman Steals Sperm from Condoms, Goes to Clinic, Sues for Child Support

A Texas exotic dancer has 4-year-old twins.  She became pregnant around the time that a relationship with her then boyfriend was coming to an end.  The man, Joseph Pressil, says he was surprised when she told him she was pregnant because they always used condoms.  Not so fast there Joseph.  Apparently you weren't dumping your sperm down the toilet.  You gave her the chance to hide your little swimmers, then rush them over to the fertility clinic.  

That's right.  She kept the sperm and used it during IVF treatments.  The Clinic never bothered to check where the sperm was coming from and if she had permission to use it.  The IVF treatment obviously took.  Pressil has taken responsibility for his actions and has joint custody of the kids.  But, he has decided to file a lawsuit against the fertility clinic for using his sperm without his permission.  

While I would like to think that this is a rare occurrence, but how do we know?  I mean many women out there put off having children to concentrate on their careers.  The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to get pregnant the natural way.  Hence the multi dollar business of fertility clinics.  

I am not going to try to put down people who desperately want children and can't seem to get there the "natural" way.  I have been in that position myself and believe me, it is horrible and heartbreaking.  But doesn't this clinic have some sort of responsibility to find out where this sperm comes from?  Don't they require a signature from the man at the very least?  

Can anyone just walk in off the street with vial full of sperm and say hey, get me pregnant.  This just furthers my belief that as a society we have taken away rights from men when it comes to "reproductive rights".  All the talk goes to the woman's side.  She can kill her child at will with no input from the father of the child, and apparently you can go get yourself knocked up without speaking to him either.  Do men have any rights in this process anymore?  

We wonder why society more and more views men as nothing more than sperm donors; marriage is on the decline and single parenthood is on the rise.  I guess what is good for the children is a just a secondary thing.  Ain't no thing I guess.  

I hope he gets millions and puts this clinic out of business.  

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  1. Vasectomy. problem solved. I know some psycho harpy i might end up dating and mistake for a decent lady is going to hate my guts down the road when she tries to pull some trick and fails to get pregnant! All men who dont want kids: get yourselves snipped, and there'll be less falling into these traps. They want to take men's rights and voices out of the reproduction process? Stick it to them by getting vasectomized.