Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ted Cruz: Worst Victims of ObamaCare are Poor, Single Mothers

The New York State Republican Party held an annual fundraiser at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan. For three brief hours, one building in Manhattan had a majority conservative audience. Packed with party bigwigs, the swank event had one main feature: Senator Ted Cruz from Texas (for some reason, there were no GOP Senators from New York).
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Cruz wowed the crowd, combining the story of his parents and upbringing with the principles of prosperity and conservatism. His message largely focused on the 47%. He said that one of the key issues that Mitt Romney should have focused on was that rather than saying that "You did build that" he should have said, "You can build that." Opportunity belongs to all, and not due to government handouts.

I was there to record perhaps the most prescient portion of his remarks, which lasted about twenty minutes.

When Cruz spoke of ObamaCare, he highlighted the danger it posed to small businesses and the overregulation of the economy.

"That's a $5,500 swing, and who do you think it impacts the most? ... If you're a single mom struggling to make ends meet, $5,500 out of your pocketbook makes a real difference. You know what? When we were debating ObamaCare a couple of months ago on the floor of the Senate, I read out of a newspaper from Oklahoma that quoted a single mom that was working at a fast food restaurant and she and every other of her employees had just had their hours forcibly reduced to 29 hours a week because ObamaCare kicks in at 30 hours. She said 'Look, I understand, you know, that these businesses are going to go out of business otherwise. But,' the single mom said, 'I have two kids at home. I can't feed my kids on 29 hours and neither can all of the other single moms that are struggling to make ends meet."
Cruz parlayed the message of economic responsibility combined with the crushing effect overregulation has on the poor and the most vulnerable in society.

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  1. The new conservs in the GOP are America's only hope for a free, Const., sane economic policies and a strong national defense. Cruz, Rubio, Lee, Sessions, Gowdey, Gohmert, Paul , and House reps that nobody knows as yet. No progressives should apply for the GOP. Those days should be over after the disaster of our Putin on the Potomac from the DNC types. Hil will be no better. Just a failed Senator and SECSTATE with no policy accomplishments though the MSM will of course lie and prop her up. Good for Cruz.