Sunday, May 05, 2013

Syria: Israeli Strike on Military Center "Declaration of War"


According to a CNN interview of Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Mekdad - Syria now considers the Israeli military to be in alliance with the rebel opposition and called their early morning strike on a Syrian military research center a "declaration of war."

Mekdad said Syria will retaliate at her time of choosing.

Israel has now launched two military air strikes into Syria, this morning's into the heart of Syria's ancient capital Damascus, targeting advanced missile systems they refuse to allow Hezbollah to gain control of, and were suspected of being in the process of transit to.

Stay tuned for continuing updates of this fluid story.


  1. Is friggin' Israel trying to help the murderous Al-Q terrorist take out Assad or are they hoping to entice Iran, China or Russia to attack and thus bringing their US slaves into WW3 conflation?
    This is not right!

  2. Israel is only attempting to stop the arms flow to Hezbollah, which includes a bunch of bigger stuff they were trying to rush in before Assad falls

    Israel's not allied with the rebels, that's just the rump Assad regime framing it in a way they think makes them look better

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