Thursday, May 16, 2013

Saudi Religious Police Head Denounces Twitter

According to Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, head of Saudi Arabia's religious police, using social media platforms such as Twitter means you have "lost this world and his [your] afterlife." This echoes Saudi Arabia's grand mutfi, or the nation's senior cleric, who dismissed Twitter users as "fools" in April.

Your going to hell if you use this... - Saudi Arabia
I'm starting to catch a trend here...

After decades of religious and political oppression of its populace, the Saudi Kingdom has to contend with its scariest internal adversary in modern history: a population comprised of mostly younger people and free social media platforms that encourage them to express their opinion, and free themselves, both are contrary to the values of one of the six remaining absolute monarchies in the world.

And they are not happy about it either - So they are resorting to the typical tactic of the geographical and religious home of Islam: religious shaming via denunciations by senior clerics and the head of their gestapo like morality police to crackdown on the percolating movement towards discussion of political events and freedom of expression.

Hopefully they fail in their shaming tactics and the free exercise of opinion prevails in Saudi Arabia, one of most restricted political societies in the world...

What say you?

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