Friday, May 17, 2013

Russia Increases Aid & Support to Assad Regime


After weeks of a 21st century version detente between Washington and Moscow over the declining state of affairs in Syria, and possibly looking at a joint situation to the ongoing civil war that has gripped the nation, it appears Russia has decided to stop cooperating and continue supplying their allies within the Assad regime.

According to two U.S. media reports: Russia has deployed at least a dozen warships to its Mediterranean  Naval base in the Syrian City of Tartus and sent a large shipment of anti-ship missiles to the Assad regime, which could be used to defend against any potential sea based foreign intervention.

Both movements should cause serious concern in Washington: as they indicate a seemingly overnight about face by Moscow in regards to the Syrian civil war. While a week ago they were willing to discuss a peace-based solution to the all consuming crisis, now they are taking steps to both embolden the Assad regime and tell the world they are not giving up their presence in the Mediterranean.

None of which is helpful considering the latest statistics from the United Nations: 80,000 dead, 4.5 million displaced within Syria and 1.5 million registered refugees who have fled the civil war, with likely more who have not registered with authorities in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey. Add in the use of chemical weapons..... And Syria is the world's grandest clusterfuck right now.

I really do not know what the Western solution is, because we cannot sit idly by any longer and allow these unconscionable actions to continue, but to really want to risk a proxy war with Russia and Iran? Decisions, decisions...

What say you?

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