Thursday, May 02, 2013

Rejoice for Tebow is Gone

Unlike most Jets fans, I regarded the acquisition of Tim Tebow last season as one of the worse decisions the team could have made: here we have a team facing a perilous 2012 season with Mark Sanchez, the resigning issue of Darrelle Revis (another annoyance) and a generally weaker team and our major move was to acquire a third-tier quarterback for publicity reasons?

Really... It's bad enough the sports media in New York City is as drama obsessed as they are and you seek out the biggest publicity producer in American sports for no other reason to sell football jerseys? And you wonder why Jets fans are ashamed to show our faces in New York... Or anywhere else for the matter.

Which is why I rejoiced when we rid ourselves of Tebow last week... No offense to the young man, who is a fine individual and quite inspiring in his devotion to Christ, but the New York Jets football team needs players who can bring us to our first Super Bowl in four decades, not a preacher who draws attention for talking to a woman once in a while.

I feel bad for Tebow, who has almost no chance of being signed to any professional football team in America for the time being and who has to re-evaluate whether he wants to remain in football or pursue a career more in his own ballpark, but my interest is in the Jets succeeding... and he just wasn't going to cut it anymore.

So if you're a fan of the Jets franchise, don't feel bad that we released Tebow: he literally contributed nothing to the team, and if you still think he could have replicated Brad Smith, just please.... Stop wasting everyone's time. But you should feel bad we still have Mark Sanchez as our starting quarterback... Because apparently he's not going away anytime soon.

What say you?

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