Saturday, May 18, 2013

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Must Go

With revelations of Assemblyman Vito Lopez's unsavory and sexually harassing conduct towards multiple women during his time in office, he is set to become the third New York Assemblyman to be charged, or resign, due to some form of ethical misconduct this calendar year. All of them downstate Democrats.

And that is not including State Senator Malcolm Smith who wanted to buy his way into the Mayoral GOP Primary and bribed several party officials with the help of a City Councilman.

All of the Assembly cases have brought scrutiny to longtime Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has controlled the lower branch of Albany for almost two decades now and is virtually untouchable due to 19 years of accumulated power, typical old time party boss intimidation and control of the taxpayer's purse strings.

But Vito Lopez is the last straw, like Pig Feed. Not only did Speaker Silver cover for his old political ally, he authorized $100,000 in taxpayer funds be paid confidentially to two former female staffers who spoke up about Mr. Lopez's inner-office activities. Essentially our tax dollars paid to cover up for Vito's sexual harassment... I feel proud to be a New Yorker now.

Not only is it time for the pig Vito to be kicked out (screw resigning, expel the creep), but it's time for the Democratic controlled Assembly to release themselves from the grip of Sheldon and stop the horrific and never ending flow of corruption stemming from the speaker's office in Albany. And since Democrats hold two-thirds majority, Republicans can do little more than demand complain - it's all in the Democrats court and they have to step up to the plate.

Even the New York Times agrees: It's time to say goodbye Sheldon Silver.

What say you?

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