Friday, May 31, 2013

Maduro Accuses Colombia of Destabilizing Venezuela after Capriles Visit


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who is still fighting opposition claims of voter fraud in April's presidential election he captured by less than one and one half percentage points, is once again on the Caracas soapbox: this time accusing the Colombian government of supporting efforts to destabilize his country.

His reasoning behind this latest row between the two South American ideological opponents? Henrique Capriles, his opponent in April's election who contends the vote results are fraudulent, is on a continent spanning campaign to convince other governments of his case and he just happened to visit Bogota.

And diplomatic hell has broke lose.

Colombian President Juan Santos dismissed the "crazy" allegations and said the dispute was the result of Maduro's misunderstanding and that the row should be resolved diplomatically between the two nations.

Well, that's where Mr. Santos is wrong. Maduro knows the Colombian government is not attempting to overthrow his regime, but it definitely sounds good to his Chavista compatriots who dislike the American aligned government in Bogota and usually buy into the former bus driver's absurd accusations and theories.

What say you?

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