Friday, May 17, 2013

Lying Liars and the Lies they
                    Lie About.....

I was tazed, tazed to find out that barry s. has
been lying all along to us, the public America.

I was electrified, electrified to find out that some
nobody from nowhere who has kept his public and
private records a secret for lo, these many years,
and at lo, these taxpayer funds; horrified I was to
find out that he lies about anything and everything.

Shocked, shocked I was to find out that someone
from anywhere who changed his name and social
security number multitudinous times to keep one
step ahead of the law, (which btw, is where he is
now) would actually lie to public and private
America once he ascended to public office.

Completely shocked I was to learn that someone
with a secret life would not tell the truth once his
bi-weekly checks from public America started
showing up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Mortified also was I to learn that a lifetime advocate
of killing babies, especially if said babies had the
audacity to gasp for air before the soul-less ghouls
masquerading as "medical practioners" could break
their defenseless little necks, shocked I was to find
out that a man with this sort of background would 
have no morals in national leadership.

Shocked again to find out that one with no
comittment to marriage between a man and a woman
would also have no comittment to leading a country
based on decency, morals and uprightness.

Tazed, shocked, electrocuted, mortified -- what the 
hell did we expect from someone with this lack
of a moral compass, someone whose only pedigree
is not being able to distinguish right from wrong?

From some nobody who makes Charles Manson
look tame, Richard Nixon look like a Quaker Sunday
School teacher, and every Chicago gangster look
like the Mayflower fathers -- from such a one we
expect honesty about Bengazi?

We expect him to tell the truth about the IRS?

We expect him  not  to abuse his power?

We expect him  not  to golf while our soldiers

We should be truly shocked if he ever told the
truth, if he ever did his job, if he ever acted like
a real president. 

Now that would be shocking!!

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