Saturday, May 04, 2013


The REAL Boston Bombing

Click on Cryptome to see a large number of additional real photos like the one above.

As they all eventually do, events like the Boston Marathon bombing slowly slide down the memory hole. You heard within the past week that Benghazi happened “a long time ago.” Our majestic rulers of today make it an open secret that any event which might lead right-wing “haters” to use words like “terrorist” or “Islamist” must slide down the memory hole as quickly possible.

In the Boston aftermath we have heard all about the “young” “college students” and their “friends” as they studied and enjoyed music. The absolutely strongest term allowed is “suspect.” The moronic Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts, expressed great concern that the suspects’ rights to privacy in their school and welfare records be protected, let any ongoing investigation be damned. Patrick’s clone, Obama, expressed great concern that we not “rush to judgment.” Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen summarized the situation thus: “We have to put this in perspective. These are 19-year-old kids.”

And if the event was truly horrifying, of course, we must not be allowed to see any evidence of such. Anything that is allowed to slip through the media filter must be thoroughly sanitized, lest the right-wing haters feel entitled to experience some righteous anger. Recall how quickly after 9/11 the media (including Fox) decided that we should never again see video or photos of airplanes crashing into the World Trade Center.

Example: a very recent Time Magazine warned us of “graphic” and “disturbing” images:
 then showed us images very much like this one:

This writer had not seen the grotesque image at the top until two days ago; it is indeed graphic and disturbing, along with many others at Cryptome, from which it came. You should look at them all and see the true horror from which our friends in the media want to shield us as we consider what should be done with the frolicking, dancing, 19-year-old college students.

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