Saturday, May 04, 2013

Israeli Strikes Syria, World Shrugs Shoulders

With unconfirmed reports of an Israeli airstrike inside Syria allegedly targeting a weapons transfer from the Assad regime to the Lebanon based terrorist group Hezbollah, world attention must shift from the Israeli's targeted strike to Western indifference on the ongoing Civil War in Syria.

For two years we have sat idly by and watched as Bashar al-Assad murdered seventy thousand of his own people in the worst Middle Eastern uprising as a result of the unsavory Arab Spring, with not one action to speak of besides drafting several U.N. Security Council resolutions that hold the same weight as cow chips.

The Israeli Defense Force has now struck Syrian weapons shipments twice within the past four months - as they don't fool around with the possibility of Hezbollah acquiring chemical weapons of any kind - while U.S. and other western politicians debate arming the Syrian rebels with useful weaponry that gives them an honest chance of striking in Damascus and ridding the wold of Assad.

When are we finally going to act? Well... Not anytime soon if polling within France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany is correct, as all four western powers citizens oppose arming the rebels by two-to-one margin, and after a decade of war, many are just tired of continuous conflict.

But, unfortunately, such is life when there is evil in the world and bad characters willing to kill thousands upon thousands for ideology, greed, power or all of the above, and as such is common day life, so should our fight to prevent the darkness of evil from prevailing and to better secure the chaotic world we live in.

What say you?

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