Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS-Targeted Groups Swells to 500; Liberal Groups Spared Discrimination

From Town Hall:
Remember what we were told when this explosive story first broke less than a week ago? The IRS official in charge of tax exemptions for organizations said the improper methods employed within her division were executed by "low level workers" in Cincinnati who weren't motivated by "political bias," and impacted roughly 75 organizations? Wrong, wrong and wrong:

"Low Level" - Officials within the highest echelons of the agency were aware of the inappropriate targeting, including the last two commissioners -- at least one of whom appears to have misled Congress on this very question. Now Politico reports that Lerner herself sent at least one of the probing letters to an Ohio-based conservative group....

Lerner also reportedly fast-tracked an approval for a foundation operated by President Obama's half brother, taking the extraordinary step of granting it retroactive tax-free status.

"Seventy-five organizations effected" - That number almost immediately swelled to 300. Now it's closer to 500.
Amazingly, "no" knowledge of this, Benghazi, the AP, or Fast and Furious

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