Monday, May 20, 2013

How Tornadoes Are Formed Senator Whitehouse

I just wanted to post a brief public announcement: Tornadoes are formed when severe weather is occurring which is present when there is friction in the atmosphere that commonly takes place when low and high pressure fronts collide and the end result is cyclone like cloud formations that are extremely dangerous. 

This formula for tornadoes, which are essentially mini-cyclones or mini-hurricane like events that last only one-to-two minutes at most, has been intact since the earth's existence... Say.... 6 billion years ago and it hasn't really changed, so to connect an alleged 0.1 degree increase in the earth's temperature with today's devastating natural disaster in Moore, Oklahoma is rather offensive and insensitive. 

Way to stay classy Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse - who went on an anti-GOP rant over their obstructionism on global warming related legislation that somehow was responsible for the aforementioned tornado formula that killed dozens of people earlier today, or something like that because I'm really not following.

Did he introduce anti-tornado legislation that we failed to support??because everyone is against tornadoes, well except for meteorological thrill seekers, and plain idiots, but there isn't exactly a way to prevent them - and putting in a phony scheme such as carbon credits or strangling American car manufacturers with green tape is about control, not the climate, but liberty.

So yea... So glad the deaths of at least thirty-seven people could serve Senator Whitehouse's ploy for greater control of the unwashed masses individual liberty... Well played sir, well played.

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