Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grant Acord Facebook Information 5/25/2013

Grant Acord, aged 17, is accused of a plot to plant a bomb in his Oregon high school.

His YouTube page information.

He watched this movie:

And commented:

Hey, I really enjoyed the video. In my opinion it had the best info of any zombie video I have seen on youtube. I will be making a similar zombie video as well. I hope you will watch it if you have time

From his Facebook page.
Page here.


  1. In regard to the plotter, 'glad they got him. In regard to the "zombie" video from an unrelated person: WTF. Sad and creepy Both are in need of mental health evaluation.

  2. looks like he was preparing for his movie and the cops overreacted. can't wait for the next episode of "Walking Dead". they'll probably charge Carl with murder.