Monday, May 20, 2013

Governor Granhold Backs Clinton 2016 Super-Pac

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm isn't just ready for a Hillary 2016 campaign, she's "rarin’ to get going on her campaign," as she became the highest Democrat official to embrace the Ready for Clinton super-pac that is beginning to accept donations for a potential Clinton bid in just three years.

This comes after a New Hampshire poll last month that showed Clinton not only leading the potential 2016 field, but massacring every possible Democrat candidate by fifty or more percentage points, including Vice-President Joe Biden who was the candidate Granite State Democrats were least likely to support.

With civil war in Syria and too many political scandals coming out of Washington right now, I'm not really concerned with Hillary Clinton's supporters gearing up for her to possibly run, especially with it two years away from the start of primary campaign season and three from the general election.

But it does make things rather interesting.

What say you?

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