Friday, May 17, 2013

Gomez Stays Within Striking Distance in Massachusetts Senate Race

Republican Gabriel Gomez has had the typical liberal class warfare attacks rain down upon him: he is too rich, too privileged and too out of touch with every day residents of Massachusetts to effectively serve as their U.S. Senator, or essentially he's another Mitt Romney.

Well, that line of attack might be helping Democrat Ed Markey stay ahead, but according to a new survey Gomez is not going away and the race is still in single digits with little more than a month until election day.

Public Policy Polling survey of 880 Massachusetts voters:

Markey (D) - 47%
Gomez (R) - 41%

Another poll conducted by Emerson found Markey leading by six points, although both totals were lower, and Suffolk released an outlying survey showing Gomez trailing by seventeen points for some unexplained reason, but the biggest news coming out of the PPP survey is the favorable ratings by Independents - Mr. Gomez holds a solid 56% rating while Markey flounders at just 35%.

Mr. Gomez is touting his Massachusetts friendly Republicanism (pro-life but pro-gay marriage, pro-second amendment but pro-immigration reform, etc.), economic success as the son of Colombian immigrants, and his eight years of service in the U.S. Navy, including a stretch as Navy SEAL.

There is still a long ways until next month's election, but with time on his side and Independents really liking his message so far, there is still a distinct possibility for Scott Brown 2.0 to come through and for the Kerry seat to fall into Republican hands.

What say you?

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