Saturday, May 25, 2013

French Soldier Stabbed in Throat at Shopping Plaza

Just days after a British soldier was killed while off-duty in a London neighborhood, beheaded by two radicalized brothers, a French soldier was stabbed in the throat earlier today just outside of Paris while patrolling a busy business intersection in the La Defense shopping area with two other soldiers.

French police guarding the perimeter at the La Defense shopping area
French President Nicolas Hollande cautioned against jumping to conclusions (Really? The assailant was dressed in robes and follows the exact pattern as the London attack) regarding the attack during a news conference in Ethiopia while the Interior Ministry released a statement saying the young soldier's life isn't endangered.

My personal fears of copy-cat terrorists adapting the London attack and using them against their nation's police and military forces have been realized... It's sad we live in a world where no soldier is safe.

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