Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FBI Agent allegedly took cash and gifts from ex mob informant

I’m so sure this happens regularly, but its’ not every day an ex-mobster comes forward and alleges that his FBI handler asked for gifts and cash. Russian ex-mob member turned FBI informant Mani Chulpayev made these not so shocking allegations yesterday and an FBI investigation has been launched to establish the validity of his claims.
Chulpayev told investigators at the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General that he was asked for and supplied his FBI handler with lavish “gifts” of jewellery, cash, basketball tickets, watches, expensive sports shoes and even the usage of luxury cars. Lawyer George Plumides has given a statement regarding the informant’s claims and says that the agent obstructed a murder investigation and exploited his client’s connections. Dante Jackson has been named as the agent and he should have rather stayed home and enjoyed the best casino games at Gaming Club online casino ¸where his cash would have been won legitimately and had no strings attached.
Chulpayev has been indicted in the 2012 murder of a popular Atlanta rapper who went by the name of Lil Phat and the FBI alleges that he helped arrange the rappers murder with 4 other men. Prosecutors have stated that it is believed that Chulpayev and the other suspects organised the hit due to a dispute over drugs and other business dealings that had gone awry, but Plumides says his client has a solid alibi for the night of the shooting.
It was these murder charges that led to Chulpayev lifting the lid on the agent who has been requesting gifts. Chulpayev has been working as an FBI informant for over a decade and in the past has twice managed to avoid long prison terms or deportation in exchange for information. The FBI is clearly taking the allegations against one of its own seriously and they have confirmed to ABC news that the DOJ’s Inspector General and the FBI’s Inspectoral Division are both looking into the allegations made against the agent.
It has been said that the Russian ex-mobster has become almost untouchable within the fold of the FBI and the allegations against his handler are going to be taken extremely seriously. Whether this is a diversion tactic on his behalf, or if Jackson, his handler really did ask for bribes remains to be seen.

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