Friday, May 17, 2013

Civility: New Democrat Ad in MA Has Gun Firing at Republican's Head

Sometimes when people on the Left talk about dog whistles, it seems far too forced. However, there are occasional times when you can see a clear subliminal message underlying the overt one.

Take the contested Massachusetts Senate race that pits 38 year veteran of Congress Ed Markey against former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez. Gomez rejects many of the gun control arguments, including the ban on high capacity magazines.

In response, Markey has put out this very over the top (but perhaps fitting for the state) ad:

Got the symbolism? Gomez supports school shootings!

Meanwhile, this image shows an automoatic weapon firing multiple rounds towards Republican Gabriel Gomez's head.
As if that's not bad enough, remember when the Left was in hysterics about this map that Sarah Palin's PAC put out:
Considering this was decried as some exhortation to violence, what would the above message show? Nothing to see here, folks.

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