Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Bahraini Blogger" Escapes Thought Police, Granted Asylum in UK

In the United States there are literally millions of bloggers - people writing for work, enjoyment, political activism or all of the above - who are free to express their opinions unabated, and without fear of jail, or other punishments from government authorities.

That's not the same for residents of Bahrain, and especially not for Mr. Ali Abdulemam, aka the "Bahraini Blogger" who just completed a daring escape from political persecution in his home land to asylum in the United Kingdom for the sole crime of writing against the monarchy during his country's failed Arab Spring attempt.

Arrested and convicted, along with other supporters of the failed Bahrain protest movement in 2010, Ali Abdulmam was initially pardoned of his "crimes," but soon after the ruling Sunni's crushed the rebellion - pardons were revoked and the search was on for "supporters of terrorism."

After two years of avoiding capture, our Bahraini blogger was smuggled all the way from the home of the Fifth Fleet to London by a myriad of methods including a secret car compartment and a fisherman's boat, due completely to the heinous crime of simply expressing his opinion.. My oh my how the freedoms loved here are so abused elsewhere.

Unbelievable how the simple act of composing your opinion, editing its wording and posting it for the world to see caused one man to not only be arrested, but to be convicted of terrorism and sought like a dog while billions worldwide freely use this same vehicle without fear of reprisal...

What say you?

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