Monday, May 20, 2013

Assad Forces, Backed by Hezbollah, Retake Qusair


After days of aerial and artillery bombardment, followed up by a massive Syrian and Hezbollah assisted offensive on the previously Rebel held town of Qusair, forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad have retaken the strategic town that is a vital highway on the road to Damascus and crucial for smuggling supplies to rebel forces.
As you can Qusair is a geographically important point near the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon and important Syrian cities. 
It is just another success in recent weeks for government forces in the two year old civil war, as the lethal combination of state sponsors in Moscow and Tehran and allied jihadists coming over from Lebanon are emboldening the Assad forces to push back against hard fought rebel gains, and sadly are rather effective.

Perhaps the head turning moment from this particular fight? Not only did rebels suffer heavy casualties from the intense pre-offensive bombardment and the actual fight itself, but almost two dozen Hezbollah terrorists were also killed in the battle that involved Sunni militants from mutual Lebanon fighting on the rebels behalf.

I don't need to tell anyone the news from Syria is bad this afternoon: Assad forces are actively being aided by Hezbollah forces in pivotal battles, rebel forces are suffering severe casualties and losing momentum too fast and after two years of intense fighting the nation is split approximately in half geographically, politically, and thanks to recent government successes, militarily.

And with the Western world paralyzed with indifference, all we can do is pray and hope for this ugly civil war to eventually conclude with the worst characters eliminated, and hopefully a chance for peace for the Syrian families who have lost too much already in this conflict and who deserve to see their tyrant pay for innumerable crimes.

What say you?

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