Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ariel Castro Information; Abducted Multiple Women Over Last Decade

From USA Today:
Three young women who were held captive in a residential home are in "fairly good" physical condition and have been returned to their families, police say.

Ariel Castro, accused with his brothers of kidnapping and holding three women for a decade, is a local musician, a former school bus driver and an outgoing resident of Cleveland's Seymour Avenue.

Castro's Facebook page lists him as having worked for Grupo Fuego, a "Tropical/Merengue" band formed in Cleveland in 1999.

However, the band posted a note on Facebook saying that while Castro has been a local bass guitar player for many years, he was never a member of the band.

"For some reason we don't understand, he decided to list our band as an employer on his Facebook page," the posting says. "To set the record straight, he is not a member of Grupo Fuego, and in our 14 year span as a band, he performed as a sub twice in the year 2008, once in August, and once in November of that year."

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