Monday, April 29, 2013

Syrian Prime Minister Survives Damascus Car Bomb

Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi was the target of an unsuccessful car bomb earlier today in Damascus, which was placed under a vehicle and detonated while his convoy passed by - several civilians and Halqi's bodyguard were killed in the blast - but he survived, although visibly shaken in an interview on state media.  

The blast, which occurred in the Mazzeh district that houses government buildings and an important military airport, must be sending shock waves through the Assad regime right now.

Only four months ago the Syrian rebels successfully bombed the Interior Ministry that killed and wounded prominent members of the regime, and despite that fatal attack on the record, another bomber was able to enter the heart of Damascus and nearly assassinate their Prime Minister.

I wonder what the sensation of walls closing in feels like? Maybe I should give al-Assad a call and ask him.

This struggle has been ongoing for over two years in Syria, with neither side able to overcome the other and reportedly upwards to seventy thousand dead in the cross fire. Rebels control significant portions of Syria, but after briefly assaulting Damascus last summer, have had little success impregnating the ancient City since, leaving the conflict at a stand-still. 

I'm not going to repeat myself for the thousandth time, but everyone knows what must be done in order to bring this nasty conflict to an end and prevent the continuing abominable flow of bloodshed. 

What say you?

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