Monday, April 15, 2013

Liberals: Sarah Palin Behind Boston Bombings

It hasn't taken long for liberals to start blaming former governor Sarah Palin for the terrorist attacks in Boston this afternoon.

Just hours after the horrific attack that has left at least two dead and possibly over 100 injured, the Left was more than happy to start slinging accusations.

User @polospal, who describes herself as an "Opinionated. Outspoken. Proud Democrat." tweeted:
User @ccsmith1902 accused Mrs. Palin of inspiring the attacks:
Yet another person suspected that Palin herself was a part of the attacks:
Liberals were also more than happy to blame conservatives as a whole for the tragedy in Boston:

Update: And how could I possibly forget? Many liberals are blaming President Bush for the bombings:


  1. all liberals are retarded retreads longing for lenin to kill them!!!

  2. Obama did it................

  3. How about we find these trolls and take away their rights to own guns! They are the mentally ill we are talking about!!

  4. I love the fact that you get mad that conservatives are getting blanketed as a group and being called responsible and then doing it right back to the left. Consider this, your behavior does nothing to make them look wrong, just inaccurate. It makes you look to dumb to have planed the attack. The truth is we dont know enough yet to decide what caused this.