Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is this Cartoon Bigoted?

With all of the horror that was inflicted on the city of Boston and the wider United States last week, some on the Left were actively savoring the chance to blame the bombings on a white Christian "Tea Partier." As it turned out, the brothers Tsarnaev were motivated by jihad and not by Sarah Palin.

Still, what is a crisis to the Left without some moral equivalency? Of course, you have all sorts of questions still swirling around the bombings, but it could be used for any sort of political gain!

Gun control? ....

Well, the guns were bought illegally. So much for Massachusetts' strict gun laws.

But it doesn't stop this from printing:

So the hypocritical American blaming everything on those danged Muslims is a fat man with big lips and a large, hooked nose? Hmmmm. Not to believe in dog whistles, but boy, talk about a bad way to start an argument.

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