Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Amazon Wishlist

Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, along with various other social media memberships such as Facebook, had an Amazon account. On it, he created a wishlist of the items he wanted to buy. You can find the list here.
Under the username Tamerlan, here are some of the items he wanted to buy, but that went unpurchased:

How to Make Driver's Licenses and Other ID on Your Home Computer

Chechen Dictionary & Ph​rasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary and Phrasebook)

Allah's Mountains: The Battle for Chechnya, New Edition

The I.D. Forger: Homemade Birth Certificates & ​Other Documents Explained

Secrets Of A Back Alley ID Man: Fake Id Construction Techniques Of The Underground

Principles of Fraud Examination

Document Fraud and Other Crimes of Deception

Here is a list of some of the items on his wishlist that he did buy:

Chechnya: To the Heart of a Conflict

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Voice Power: Using Your Voice to Captivate, Persuade, and Command Attention

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