Saturday, March 09, 2013

Upstate Counties Lead Opposition to NY SAFE Act

Ever since its hurried and likely unconstitutional passage into law, the NY SAFE Act has faced considerable opposition from supporters of the second amendment in various forms: seven thousand marched on Albany, scores of lawsuits have been filed questioning its legality, and dozens of county governments have supported anti-SAFE Act resolutions.

Green counties have passed resolutions, yellow have proposed them and white have done neither
In fact, forty of sixty-two county governments within the State of New York have passed laws opposing the SAFE Act and calling for a repeal of its most egregious parts: such as limiting magazine capacity to 7 rounds, prohibiting the ownership of "assault weapons," and even limiting how many firearms you may posses to five under vague specifics.

I happen to live in Schoharie County, one of the earliest opponents of the NY SAFE act which passed our resolution opposing Governor Cuomo's signature law by a fifteen to one margin, and there will be a protest against the law on Saturday, March 16th, 1 PM in beautiful downtown Schoharie and all who support our cause should come down in support.

The county governments of New York State have really done an incredible job opposing the SAFE act, and you can't help but give them a round of applause, as Upstate in particular has united behind our right to keep and bear arms and committed their time and efforts towards hopefully repealing this horrific abomination at some point.

What say you?

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