Thursday, March 07, 2013

UPDATE: Filibuster Ends - Rand Paul's Epic Filibuster Eclipses Twelve Hours

UPDATE: Senator Paul's filibuster has finally concluded after twelve hours and fifty-five minutes on the Senate floor, as he discovered the limits of endless filibuster: inability to use the restroom, and after thirteen hours, calls his epic stand to end. 

Okay, I honestly cannot find another subject worth writing about right now.

Senator Rand Paul's (R-KY) now multi-senator filibuster of John Brennan's nomination to head the CIA, due to concerns over the federal government's predator drone program and its potential targeting of citizens both home and abroad, has eclipsed twelve hours on the Senate floor.

The filibuster, the first significant one-man stand since Bernie Sanders took to the floor in 2010 to denounce extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the longest in almost two decades, started shortly before 12 eastern time and has continued unabated ever since.
Senator Rand Paul, who has now led the longest filibuster  in decades
Joined by colleagues from both sides of the aisle, Senator Paul - obviously exhausted from his day long marathon of speaking and answering questions - has become the number one news story in America. Its impossible to escape his filibuster on any news website, news channel and the hashtag #standwithrand is dominating twitter.

And good for him: he's standing against an administration that will not answer a simple question of if they would ever use a drone strike to target American citizens not on the battlefield in the Hindu Kush ranges, Pakistani villages or Yemeni cities, but on American soil with no judicial oversight or due process.

Although not the biggest fan of Senator Paul personally, he has definitely gained my respect for his twelve hour filibuster against the Obama administration's nontransparent actions, and I only hope he and those in Washington, specifically the floor of the Senate, can hold through the night and remain a beacon of light...

What say you about this incredible story?

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