Friday, March 01, 2013

Photos from Front Lines of the New York State Gun Law Rebellion

It was a chilly day yesterday in Albany, New York. Snow was still on the ground and a light breeze buzzed across the steps of the state capitol complex. Still, that didn't stop hundreds of citizens from coming out to protest the new "SAFE" Act of the New York State legislature, passed under lock and key swiftly after the Sandy Hook shootings. Urged by Governor Andrew Cuomo, it is by far the most restrictive in the country and has made tens of thousands of firearms in Upstate New York illegal. From across the state, especially the rural Upstate areas, people came in droves.

The line was long to get to the steps of the State Capitol as New Yorkers thronged to protest the invasion of their civil liberties.
The crowd continued to grow as the protest expanded beyond what even the organizers expected.

Home made signs could be found everywhere as compared to the bus-in campaign in favor of the gun laws that the unions and President Obama has several weeks ago.

Who knew there were conservatives and libertarians in New York!?

We have here perhaps the most telling sign: both of why the law was passed and its unintended consequences for the aspiring Andrew Cuomo.

Photo credit: Bill Glockler.

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  1. Both Andrew and his Papa Mario are so stupidly liberal,they decry the death penalty which stops some would be killers from killing just as average Americans with the right to carry scare the hell out of the street hoodlums who are more afraid of the armed citizen than of the police. The rule for politicians is once stupid, forever stupid. idiots are unteachable.

  2. There is growing anger in the land. It's going to get ugly when our overlords in the ruling class try to enforce these laws.