Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Dem Congressman Mourns Death of Hugo Chavez: "RIP Mr. President"

Jose Serrano is a Democratic congressman who represents the South Bronx of New York City (the 15th District). He is also an imbecile.

Upon hearing the news of the death of Hugo Chavez, the tyrannical "President" of Venezuela, Serrano could not hold back his thoughts and emotions. He quickly went to twitter and posted this comment:
Making certain that no one would misunderstand his sadness, Serrano released an official statement entitled “Chavez Changed the Conversation In Latin America” on his government website.

Serrano explained, in part:
“I met President Chavez in 2005 when he came to my district at my invitation. His focus on the issues faced by the poor and disenfranchised in his country made him a truly revolutionary leader in the history of Latin America. He understood that after 400 years on the outside of the established power structure looking in, it was time that the poor had a chance at seeing their problems and issues addressed. His core belief was in the dignity and common humanity of all people in Venezuela and in the world."
To think that a man this impossibly stupid has become an elected official in our nation is both baffling and horrifying. Then again, Congress is full of fools.

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  1. Only a dimocrat would hate those who love the constitution....and love a dictator.