Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Tragic Murder of Chris Kyle

The tragic death of Chris Kyle is one of the saddest murder cases I have come across in a long time, as the more information that comes out just makes the story worse and worse.

Here we have Chris Kyle, a legendary Navy SEAL sniper with a confirmed 160 kills during his special forces service, driving out to meet a former U.S. Marine who served his country in Iraq, and who was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and was having difficulty readjusting.

The troubled Marine, Eddie Ray Routh, had been arrested the year before for drunken-driving, even jailed for fifteen days, and who local authorities suspected of mental illness. His mother reached out to Kyle, known for assisting veterans struggling to readjust, to help her sinking son.

Few specifics are known about what occurred Saturday, but what we do know is that Kyle, his buddy and Routh went to a local gun range, which Kyle used to help readjust veterans to home, when at some point Routh turned his weapon on Kyle and his friend for no apparent reason and fled in the SEAL's pickup truck.

And now we have the State of Texas charging Eddie Ray Routh, a Marine Veteran suffering from PTSD, for capitol murder in the deaths of legendary Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his friend, also a veteran, who were both just trying to help this troubled young man...

This story is like a cancer, the more that we learn about it, the worse it gets... All I know is that a former Marine is all but dead for his horrific actions and two other veterans are dead because they wanted to help their comrades struggling to leave the battlefield behind.

How tragic. How sad.

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