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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Medal for Drone Operators Outranks Bronze Star...

The Pentagon has announced the creation of a new medal, the Distinguished Warfare Medal, which will be awarded to men and women who have actively assisted in combat, but not on the ground in the traditional sense - such as drone operators and cyber warfare experts - to recognize their efforts in wartime.

However, this new medal will have higher military precedence then the Bronze Star... Meaning the virtual X-box like warrior in the drone operator's room can receive a medal of more valor then the infantryman, starving to death eight thousand miles away from home, fighting for his life against an enemy outpost...

Ok, I understand the United States military is attempting to move away from conventional warfare and towards automated techniques, such as drone warfare, precise missile strikes and a light boots-on-the-ground footprint, but are we really embracing a new warrior ethos where the bronze star is not outranked by a new medal for drone operators?

Seriously? Are you freaking kidding me...

What is our military coming to? Dear Lord, Almighty...

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