Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mississippi Finally Ratifies 13th Amendment

HT: NY Daily News

With the increased attention on Abraham Lincoln's push for the thirteenth amendment's ratification, which abolished slavery and indentured servitude in the United States, due to the major film Lincoln that millions watched over the cold Winter, one man sought out his state's ratification of the pivotal amendment.

And he discovered his state, the great State of Mississippi, remained the only one not to legally ratify the abolition of slavery.

Apparently Mississippi was one of a handful of Confederate states that refused to ratify the amendment in months following the end of the Civil War and they finally voted unanimously for doing so in 1995. But, as usually occurs in these situations, there was a glitch...

The Mississippi Secretary of State never filed the resolution with the Office of the Federal Resister, which every law and resolution has to go through in order to be legal within the United States, meaning they still legally remained the only state not to outlaw the evils of slavery in the nation.

Luckily, the interested moviegoer, a professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center discovered Mississippi's legal glitch and sought out advice, bringing it up to a friend who contacted the Register and confirmed the lack of ratification, and after watching the movie, and himself being inspired to action, got in touch with Mississippi's current Secretary of State and finally... Got the thirteenth amendment ratified.

So goes the story of Mississippi's eventful one-hundred and fifty year ratification of the thirteenth amendment.

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