Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Middleburgh, New York Village Dissolution Vote

The Village of Middleburgh, a vibrant community situated prominently within the Schoharie Valley is facing the biggest test of her will power this afternoon, at least since the destructive forces of Irene, as voters are heading to the polls to decide this three century old village's future.

Dissolution, which would effectively eliminate the Village as an governing entity, and would result in either Town government or tax districts taking its place, is being brought up by a vote because of a petition that was submitted in early October by a local politician claiming cost savings in the plan.

There has been continuous controversy over this plan. As the short amount of time between when people signed the petition to when the Village votes has caused general confusion for voters, as there has been almost no information obtained about the effects of dissolution in Middleburgh's situation - with complete, data driven intel - due to the nature of New York State law.

Which in itself became controversial as the petition creator claimed the process of dissolution came under one portion of State law, when in reality another portion not only superseded it, but repealed it over two years ago.

And while we haven't been able to have a complete, independent study conducted on dissolution, we do know the following: the Town will face significant cost and tax increases, as they take over the Village's DPW, responsibilities and pick and choose which services they want to maintain, such as youth projects. While the Village will barely see their taxes decrease, as Town taxes will inevitably increase and districts, such as water & sewer, debt, sidewalks and even the local Fire Department, would likely be put in place.

Not to mention the historical value of Middleburgh's three hundred year old Village, which has survived redcoats and floods alike, both bringing a path of destruction to the hard working people of this Valley, would be lost to the dustbins of history over a bad scheme that hoists taxation without representation on Town residents, while destroying a strong civil government for Village residents and eventually, for both Village and Town residents, will see their taxes increase and effectiveness of government decrease.

The vote is today: February 19th, 2013, from twelve to nine this evening at the Middleburgh Town Hall.


  1. good luck.................we tried in whitesboro, ny to no avail.......History does not die........local villages do not dissolve........but the double payments that we make for highway, police and fire increase while paying both town and village taxes increase........we cannot handle this increase in a new york state economy.........hopefully your villagers will listen better than ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. as an addendum to previous post.....we faced the local fire dept going out to many villagers who had no previous allegiance to the village and many elderly villagers stating that they would have no fire and police protection, which of course is false, both the fire and Onida cty sheriffs would have to respond to the village calls as we are in their jurisdiction... it is so wrong, why don't the politicians work for the public?