Friday, January 11, 2013

Where Can Gears 4: Judgement Day Really Go?

As someone who is a fan of the dark Gears of War series, which focuses on humanity's struggle to survive an invasion of aggressive locusts and deformed lambent on the planet Sera, and who has just recently completed the trilogy of games, I believe the creators delivered to us one of the best video game franchises ever.

I mean, really.... How are you going to beat Sgt. Marcus Fenix and his chainsaw-wielding gun of death?

Are you really going to fuck with him? Really?
With my point being made (and if you don't think it was... Please feel free to send me a tweet or comment on this article, and I will debate you to the end of time), I recently discovered that there will be a fourth installment of the Gears series, which will be centered around Emergence Day....

At first, I was optimistic about the new installment. Perhaps we'll get to see a young Private Fenix rising up the ranks as he wards off the Locust all the way back in the beginning... However, I was disappointed to find out it will revolve around the origins of Cole and Baird, who while interesting characters that definitely made the series enjoyable, don't really deserve their own installment.

So now where does the series go?

If it's not extending its personal story line of Fenix, or even his best friend Dom, and it's bringing everything back to E-Day, the meaning of which was exposed at the ending of the third Gears, with two characters - while an interesting subplot during the original three installments, but don't really justify their own telling - leading the way, what are the Gears creators seeking to achieve here?

I have a bad feeling it involves using the Gears brand to squeeze out as much in profits as possible before the next big sci-fi video game is released, as I don't see the creative justification for taking this series the way there are with the fourth installment, which if is the case... Would be a real let-down to the fans.

What say you?

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