Monday, January 14, 2013

The French Stand Alone in Defending Mali

HT: Reuters and The Associated Press

Months of war had ravaged the Malian military, including a failed coup attempt early last year against the elected government after perceived indifference towards the rank-and-file suffering during their campaign to prevent the Tuareg rebels and aligned islamists from taking the north, which showed last week when they were losing a major stronghold in the government's territory and the President sent out an urgent plea to the world for assistance.

The French and neighboring African nations heard the call and immediately joined the fight.

For four days the French air force has bombarded military installations, and training camps run by the conscious deprived, al-Qaida allied terrorists who seized the Tuareg's revolution and turned it into a jihadist hellhole that has seen barbarism enforced on the citizenry, the destruction of ancient cities and a threat to international security.

Four hundred French soldiers, including special forces, have been deployed to the sub-Saharan nation in an all-out effort to prevent the rebels from advancing any closer to the Malian capital, however, the jihadist leader of the rebels promised a prolonged fight similar to Afghanistan and Somali for the French as they launched a counteroffensive.

Fighting continues unabated this afternoon in Mali, as both sides throw everything they have at each other... The French are awaiting African reinforcements to boost the tired Malian Army's weakened ground force, while expecting logistical support from NATO and the United States as they alone attempt to enforce the UN resolution's mission of liberating Mali from their jihadists captors.

As the world continues to watch... The French have finally stood up to the advance of jihadism and al-Qaida in Africa, and answered the call of the suffering in Northern Mali. Good for them. Now its our time to gear up and head in.

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