Thursday, January 31, 2013

Muslim Rapist Avoids Jail Because He "Didn’t Know" Sex With 13-Year-Olds Is Illegal

Since when is ignorance of the law a viable defense when it comes to crimes? Apparently in the United Kingdom it is.

Adil Rashid, an 18-year-old Muslim man, met a thirteen-year-old girl on Facebook last year. After texting her for two months, they met in Nottingham. Rashid proceeded to rape the girl and was subsequently arrested.

In his defense, Rashid claimed that he simply "did not know" it was illegal to rape minors. Rashid stated that "he went to an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless," and thus consent was not necessary.

He further argued that the thirteen-year-old had "tempted" and "seduced" him in person, leading to his rape of her.
Shockingly, the defense worked. Judge Michael Stokes handed down a suspended sentence on January 25th. Stokes reasoned that "because Rashid was ‘passive’ and ‘lacking assertiveness,' sending him to jail might cause him ‘more damage than good.'"

He added, "Although chronologically 18, it is quite clear from the reports that you are very naive and immature when it comes to sexual matters."
Judge Stokes
The judge concluded, however, that Rashid "knew what he was doing was wrong." He explained, in part, "I accept this was a case where the girl was quite willing to have sexual activity with you. But the law is there to protect young girls, even though they are perfectly happy to engage in sexual activity."

Why he would say this and get rid of jail time is anyone's guess.

Update: It is not immediately apparent if the rape was statutory or forced.

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  1. This is shocking! The defense itself was really weak and boy seems to be unstable too. Was there any other form of punishment, or was he just free to go?