Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Michelle Obama Has Officially Saved the Economy

Perhaps I'm the only one that can appreciate true culture. Perhaps I'm the only one that can appreciate the 'shovel ready' jobs being created by the thousands right as I type this. Maybe it's the time that the American economy has finally roared back to life with massive growth and tumbling unemployment.

Yes, I expect unemployment to be down near 3% by the end of the year with GDP growth near 20%. Why?

Well, Michelle Obama saved it all herself.

Personal recession destroyer

Don't believe me? Well, she has personally (well, I mean through taxpayer money) injected tens of thousands of dollars into the economy and has employed up to five people through her efforts at being the most fashionable person in the country.

At least, the NYT can call it:

All day, designers were glued to the television to see what Mrs. Obama was wearing, hoping it would be them, but she ultimately chose the same one who made the first inauguration a fashion success. The dress was persimmon-colored with cross-halter straps and a loose fit similar to the ivory one-shouldered gown she wore in 2009. Her shoes were from Jimmy Choo, and the dress design included a handmade diamond ring by Kimberly McDonald.
Thank goodness. I thought that there was some sort of recession going on. Glad that's all over. Hell, the Today Show seems to think the same!

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