Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Members of Liberal Site Call for Jewish "Extermination," Unironically Proclaim Israel to be "Nazis"

Liberals on the popular liberal website Reddit were up in arms Tuesday night, calling for the death of Jews in response to a YouTube video. The video, which purports to show a small group of racist Israelis, inspired the ire of thousands of Redditors.

The top comment on the article, receiving at the time of writing this article, has nearly half a thousand "upvotes," which shows approval of hundreds of users.  It reads "Israel: Nazi Germany." In agreement, various users posted messages, including, "PLEASE STOP FUNDING THIS PIECE OF S*** COUNTRY!"
An example of the average comment on the thread
User "hitlerwasright1" agreed with the sentiment on the thread, writing:
Exactly. Every time I hear about something happening in Israel (which seems to be at least once a week), it always involves the Jewish population persecuting another group of people; in fact I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was discovered that they have secret concentration camps of their own filled with Palestinians. It absolutely blows me away that they could treat other minority groups like this after what all their people had gone through in WWII. Perhaps we should have let Hitler finish what he started before shutting him down, at least then we wouldn't have to deal with these disgusting people.
Littlemissnazi chimed in:
At some point, I'm kinda sad Hitler didn't finish the job of exterminating the Jews. They should know better after being persecuted due to their race.
There was some descent on Reddit. At the time of this article, user "sdgfsvzvxf" expressed his disgust with the rabid racism on Reddit. He wrote, in part:
These are the exact same people who parade around espousing "anti-Zionist" (in reality, thinly veiled anti-Semitism) views and cry when people call them out - "ohh any criticism of Israel is called anti-Semitic wahhh wahh"...

Also the confirmation bias in here is hilarious. If this was a video from any other country, you'd all be saying "ahh that's terrible but it's just a minority of dickheads", nothing to the level of equating them to Nazi's or lamenting the failings of one of the most genocidal men in history.

What a bunch of degenerate morons you all are.
However, at the time of writing, this comment has 48 "downvotes."

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