Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Israel Strikes Syrian Convoy Entering Lebanon

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One of the darkest fears for Israeli and American alike is that with Assad's regime crumbling, he might transfer his conventional weapons and perhaps even chemical agents to allies in Lebanon or Iran. We have seen this with countless media reports on Israel's government preparing to prevent this from occurring.

Well, with the IDF dramatically increasing surveillance over Lebanon the past couple of days, we just received news this morning of an Israeli air strike on a Syrian convoy allegedly transporting anti-aircraft missiles across the border into the Cedar State, and likely into Hezbollah's welcoming arms.

While it cannot be confirmed what weapons were being transported, or even where the air strike occurred (some are reporting Lebanon, while others within Syria), we do know the Israeli's did attack and destroy a convoy likely transporting arms and that this could possibly lead to al-Assad attempting to widening the war.

Much of the news coming out right now is contradictory, as is common with the fog of war, but I'm sure we will learn the facts in the coming hours, which will probably be friendly to Israel, as they have been monitoring the Syrian situation for years and knew that they had to act to defend their interests and sabotage their foes.

What say you?

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