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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Florida Man Stabbed to Death with Pen; Is it Time For Pen-Control?

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a tragic event to put some things into perspective. Last month Gregory Hypollite of Florida was killed by two teens. Their weapon of choice? A pen.

Mr. Hypollite, a father, had introduced Juan Xolo and Jose Carlos Llano to a prostitute. When he demanded payment for the introduction, and Xolo and Llano revealed they had little money, a scuffle ensued and Hypollite was killed.

Using the logic of those on the left, I believe it is now time to call for national pen-regulation. To put it frankly, a ballpoint writing utensil is nothing short of a deadly weapon.
The bloodshed needs to stop
Sadly, pen-related deaths are nothing new. In 2008, a young boy was murdered by a pen and, according to a recent survey, 100 people die by choking on pens annually. In 2007, for example, an English youth died by putting a pen cap in his mouth.

The madness needs to stop. Anyone can wander into a supermarket or Walmart and buy these ink-spewing killing machines. Based on the President's recent proposal for gun control, it put forward these ideas:

1. A national database for all pen owners in these United States.
2. Full background checks for all pen purchasers.
3. Strict pen control; no one will be allowed to own pens with the unusual colors of purple, pink, or orange.

(Just to make certain you understand, I am not serious about these proposals, though the deaths in question are tragically true. However, I feel it gives us a little perspective on gun control in our nation).

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